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Horse & Halloween Photo Session!
15 minute session  |  $50  | All Ages Welcome!

Let's nerd out!

Our horses are the perfect accessory for those amazing costumes!

​We will have a dragon, a unicorn, a circus pony, a pirate, and a medieval warhorse!​ There will be no riding, but you may sit on a horse for your pictures. 

Our photography services are complimentary.

Your payment is for use of our horses in costume!


You are welcome to take pictures yourself for immediate use, or feel free to bring along your own photographer to make that perfect picture happen. Teresa, our in-house photographer, will happily take lovely pictures for you and your family. We will email you a shared folder by the end of day. 


Horse & Halloween

Photo Session!
15 minute session  |  $50  | All Ages Welcome!


Limit 2 participants per booking.

The session is confirmed at payment. If booking a session together, you are sharing the time allotted for your session. 

If booking for multiple people, we will need the age and costume description of each participant. All props must be pre-approved. Horses are big babies and scare easily! No weapons, umbrellas, or noisemakers.

Costume approval needed

Before we can book your session, we need to make sure your costume is horse safe!

Times are subject to change depending on the weather and health of the horse. 

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Costume Approval

Why Costume Approval?

If you're like Katy and Teresa, then you love costumes!

You may be like Katy and get a bit carried away.

(She once dressed as a lobster with 6 movable legs and a free-swinging tail ... we still don't know why.)

What we do know is that horses are enigmas. Sometimes they're brave battle mounts charging through water canons ... and sometimes they're scared of a bird. It's weird.

So let us know what you have planned before arrival and we'll let you know if it will work with horses.

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