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October 29th - October 31st

Limited availability  |  Weight limit 220lb for rides  |  Costumes approval required


Halloween Horse Rides
Space is limited! 
3-mile Rides  |  1.5 hours  |  $150 per rider

Wanna nerd out and go on a Halloween Trail Ride?

We are hosting costume trail rides Friday, October 29th, and Saturday, October 30th! 

The horses will be dressed in equine costumes safe for a 3-mile ride through the forest. We encourage you to dress up as well! However, for the safety of horse and rider, all costumes must be approved before your trail ride. 


How about a Horse and Halloween Photo Session?

October 31st, 12:00 pm - 3:pm

Horse & Halloween Photo Session!
All ages welcome

15 minutes  |  $50


Come have a fun photo session with horses in those amazing costumes!

We will have a dragon, a unicorn, a circus pony, a pirate, and a medieval warhorse!

Book 15 minutes and we'll take the perfect pictures to show off that amazing Halloween costume! There will be no riding, but you may sit on a horse for your pictures.

Costume approval is necessary for the safety of horses and participants!

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