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Friday, October 29th & Saturday, October 30th

Limited availability  |  Weight limit 220lb  |  Costumes approval required

Let's nerd out!

Halloween rides are 3-mile adventures through the woods in costume. Horses will be wearing light gard to ensure a safe and happy trail ride for everyone. 

You are encouraged to wear costumes! But please no wings, umbrellas or long trailing pieces. All costumes must be approved before the ride. 


Limit 3 riders per booking.

The ride is confirmed at the time of payment. Weight limit strictly enforced.


If we find you have been dishonest, we reserve the right to refuse the ride without a refund.


If booking for multiple people, we will need the age, height, and weight of each rider to ensure the right horse is available. 

Rides are subject to change depending on the weather and health of the horse. 

In order to match you with the best mount, we need some preliminary information. Please fill out the form below.


Why Costume Approval?

If you're like Katy and Teresa, then you love costumes!

You may be like Katy and get a bit carried away.

(She once dressed as a lobster with 6 movable legs and a free-swinging tail ... we still don't know why.)

What we do know is that horses are enigmas. Sometimes they're brave battle mounts charging through water canons ... and sometimes they're scared of a bird. It's weird.

So let us know what you have planned before arrival and we'll let you know if it will work with horses.

Costume Approval
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