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Gravel Road into the Forest

An authentic riding experience for avid equestrians and casual riders alike!

Real Questions asked by Real People

Are the rides free?

Unfortunately, we must charge for each ride. Horses are expensive and our business is an actual business. Sorry for the disappointment, dear customers, but we have large bellies to fill. They eat constantly, the huge buggers.

Why is there a weight limit? Seems rude... 

Not rude, just important.
When booking a ride, be honest about your weight and experience. Our weight limits are for your safety AND the horse's comfort. A horse who is struggling with a heavy unbalanced rider may decide to get you off their back ... and it's a long fall! 

Can we ride double?

Well ... that would be a pretty short ride and a long stay in the hospital.

If a horse carries double, it doubles the chances of something going wrong. So ... no.

Are children welcome?

Yes, but they must have prior riding experience. 

If you would like to introduce your child to horses, or if this is their first time on the trails, we have special offers for kids who are learning. Please contact us directly for pricing. 

Can we ride by ourselves? You know, without a guide?

We do not allow our horses out of our site. You will be required to stay with the guide at all times.

Are your horses trained?

Yes, very well. In fact, each horse has been trained for multiple disciplines and has extensive experience. Before and during each ride, we will instruct you on the best cues and riding methods for your mount. The best experience is when you learn to communicate well with your horse and bond during the ride.

Your website says there is an age limit, but is that true?

Yes, it is true! All riders must be 18 years or older. 

Are the trail rides narrated?

No, but we engage in comfortable conversations. If you would like a quiet ride through the woods just tell us to shush, and mums the word. 

Do I have to be an expert rider to take a trail ride? 

Expert, no. Experience, yes.

Because our horses have extensive experience in multiple disciplines, we require some prior horse experience in order to make this the best experience possible.

I have never met a horse before, can I go on a ride? 

We're not a "first-time" horse experience. We are best suited for people with prior riding experience. But there are amazing stables around Nashville that do provide the best first-time experience and we will be happy to give you those recommendations. 


Do the horses follow the same route on every tour?

No. We have multiple locations, all with multiple trails of varying degrees of difficulty. We will select the location based on trail conditions and rider experience. Your horse is well seasoned to all the trails, but you will be guiding the horse ... the horse will not be guiding you.

What type of terrain do we ride on? 

The terrain is a mixture of hilly and flat with rocks and mud. The horses are sure-footed and know the terrain, but you will need to guide your horse in some places. 

Will there be a lesson beforehand?

Before each ride, we will give you a brief lesson so you understand the correct cues and commands for your horse, as well as a description of each horse's unique personality. 

Are helmets required?

Helmets are not required but they are strongly encouraged. You may choose to ride without a helmet, and just like your mother, we'll be deeply disappointed in you.

Are snacks and drinks provided?

We provide you with a bottle of water for the ride and a small saddle bag to carry it with. 

We also have a picnic option, because we're awesome like that.

Are restrooms along the trail?

Unfortunately, no. There are no restrooms for the public along the trails. And we would prefer you not relieve yourself while on the trail. It gets super awkward.

Are pregnant women able to ride?

No, we don't allow pregnant women on our trail rides. But you can come groom, hug or smell the horses between rides, you hormonal preggo.

Are there weight restrictions?

Yes, and for the safety of horse and rider, it is strictly enforced.

Do I need to be in shape to ride?

You won't need to run a mile, but you do need to be healthy enough to mount and dismount on your own. We need to know all your mobility issues beforehand to make sure we can accommodate you. If there is an emergency, you will be required to dismount quickly and walk the length of the trail back to the parking lot. If you can do that, you can go on a ride.

How fast can I go?

Hold your horses, cowgirl. Trail rides are walking expeditions. But if you prove to us you can handle a horse at all gaits, we will happily kick it up a notch.

Do I have to listen to the trail guide's instructions?

Only if you want to go on a trail ride.

If you don't want to go on a trail ride, and you don't want to be around our horses, then 1) why are you here? and 2) you are not going on a trail ride so feel free to ignore us all day long!

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