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Gravel Road into the Forest

An authentic riding experience for avid equestrians and casual riders alike!


Who Are We?

Katy Barrett-Alley and Teresa Fensler


Two lifelong equestrians who created Nashville Equine Trek LLC to share our love of horses!

For 10 years we have ridden together while sharing a love for everything weird and nerdy.

Though we come from vastly different backgrounds - Teresa grew up exercising horses at a world class Olympic barn, and Katy was raised in the saddle on a working cattle ranch - we quickly realized we shared a passion for horses and became quick friends when we both moved to Middle Tennessee.

Originally from Maryland, Teresa moved to Tennessee in 2005 and launched an impressive career as a lighting designer for some of the biggest names in country music.

Vowing to never look at another cow again, Katy left her Tennesse cattle farm and moved to Nashville to begin a career in graphic design. 

Fate intervened and we found ourselves boarding at the same barn just outside of Nashville.

Not only did we become riding partners, but soon we both fell in love with mounted archery. 


Now we compete with and against each other, all while cheering one another on from the sidelines.

We love theatre and costumes, mounted archery, and renaissance fairs. We're book nerds and gamers, and we have a knack for making things super awkward with useless true crime trivia.


But who cares, you'll be on a horse. 

Want to learn about mounted archery?

You're in luck! We have one of the nation's top instructors right in our backyard! Elizabeth Tinnan is an amazing mounted archery coach, instructor, and Nashville Equine Trek guide! She is currently holding clinics and open for lessons to anyone with an interest in horse archery. Check her out in the video below. Or go to her website for more information. 

Also featured, Teresa on Eleven & Katy on Cheyenne in action doing mounted archery! 


Our Horses

We consider our horses our family and we treat them so!

We're lucky to have five of the most wonderful, friendly, and well-trained horses to share with you. Because we want to keep our horses happy and healthy, we make sure they have enough time off the trails as well. Each horse has a limited workweek of three days, and we limit our rides so that our horses have plenty of time to rest and relax.

They are more than just trail horses!

Our horses have multiple disciplines in their history, so we will walk you through exactly how to communicate with your mount, teach you how to use soft hands, and make sure this experience is pleasurable for you and the horse. 

Guests are expected to treat the horses with respect. Any mistreatment of the horse will result in an immediate dismount of the rider and an end of the trail ride. 


We have a weight limit for each horse.

Horses can comfortably carry 20% of their body weight. To ensure a safe ride, you will be matched with the horse that is best equipped to carry you! If you exceed 200lbs, please contact us directly so we can make certain we have a horse available for you. 

Our Horses
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