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Gravel Road into the Forest

An authentic riding experience for avid equestrians and casual riders alike!


About Our Rides

Every ride is an exclusive trail riding experience for a solo rider or a couple.

Awesome loners are always welcome, and will not be added to a larger group. However, you may share a trail with another amazing solo rider. 


We are not a riding stable. We are a mobile trail riding business with multiple locations to choose from. We will choose the location based on your riding ability and weather conditions.

All rides are designed to be fun and adventurous experiences that will leave you with lasting memories ... and hopefully, two new friends who have amazing horses!

About booking

Our availability is primarily Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but if we are available to ride during the week, we will. We are limited to 3 guests per ride, and for ages 18 and up.

The location will be set during the booking process. When payment is received, you will be sent directions and instructions on where to park. ​We are happy to take location requests, but we will pick the location based on rider experience, local weather, and trail conditions. 

The rider is required to sign a liability waiver before meeting the horses. We will send you our waiver a day early so you have time to read it carefully before signing. When you arrive, we will give you a quick safety briefing and an overview of trail etiquette. We will have helmets available for your use, as well as small saddlebags for your phone and a bottle of water.


All horses have their own unique personality and training, so we will take some time to allow you to get to know your horse before we head out. ​Your guide will explain how best to communicate with your horse and how to apply all aides and cues so you can have the best riding experience possible. You can click here to read about each of our amazing babies. 


About the trail

Your guide will set the pace and the horses will stay together on the trail. We will help you communicate with your horse along the way and continually give you instructions. No one is allowed to ride away from the group, out of sight, or increase the pace.


All trail rides are walking expeditions, but if you show us that you can handle the horse, we may let you kick it up a notch ... but only at the discretion of the guide. If you would like to go faster, you must ask the guide before you ask the horse.

Nature changes from one day to the next, storms blow down trees, and creeks flood, so depending on our location, you may be going off-trail. You will be guiding your horse through brush, low tree limbs, around fallen trees, through water, as well as up and downhills. All of this is part of the experience of bonding with your horse and becoming partners on the trail!


Your guide will help you remember trail safety and etiquette when out on the trails. You will likely be meeting other riders, hikers, dogs, bikers, and many different types of wildlife. The guides will direct you on what is expected of you and your horse.

About our trail optons

We have three rides available for you to choose from and each ride is offered at all locations.

3-mile Trek - 1.5 hours - $120/rider

This trail ride is best for those who casually ride on vacations or only a few times a year. It is generally beginner-friendly and won't leave you walking bow-legged afterward!

Ride and Dine - 2 hours - $180/rider

The perfect option for couples looking for that special date! The trail is beginner-friendly, but the picnic allows you to spend a little longer on the trail and around the horses. You will be required to mount and dismount on the trail.


Halfway through your ride, the guides will direct you to dismount before they set up the picnic at either a pavilion, picnic table, or maybe even a grassy area along the trail. 

We will then take the horses away so you can enjoy your food in private. When you are finished, we mount back up and finish the trail with full bellies and happy hearts.

Our menu is seasonal and can be catered to your unique tastes! Ask for our menu options when booking. 


8-mile Trek - 3 hours - $240/rider

For the avid equestrians and serious riders, we offer a more rugged eight-mile ride that will leave you horse-happy! Depending on the location, we may be running through farmland or picking our way through rugged wooded terrain. Not for the casual rider or beginner. Three hours in the saddle can take its toll!

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