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An exclusive trail riding experience in Nashville Tennessee

We are a mobile trail riding business that will meet you at many beautiful locations in and around Nashville. We strive to make this an authentic trail riding experience for those who want to explore Middle Tennessee from horseback. Nashville has some amazing trails for you to enjoy and we trailer to all of them! 

We have a weight limit of 200lb


Not your typical nose-to-tail trailride

Each ride is a private experience, allowing you to bond with your horse while the guides cater to your individual needs. 

Each trail ride is booked for your private party, whether you are a group of friends looking for something fun to do, couples looking for an adventurous date, or a super awesome loner wanting to explore nature from the saddle, you will be riding at your own pace and experience level!


"Truly an equestrian ride!

Teresa's horses were sweet,  steady, and gentle.  Teresa herself is a joy and super knowledgeable about the area.  I can't recommend Nashville EquineTrek enough!"

We ride in a variety of locations!

Our rides are private expeditions for the avid equestrian and causal rider alike. Because we ride in multiple locations and through a variety of trails, we require all riders to have a certain amount of riding experience.


We choose the riding location based on current weather conditions and trail conditions. Our Riding Schedule will be updated with location details as we plan our rides for the month. Contact us directly if you would like to explore a particular area.


Before you book ... 

Because we go traversing all over known creation, riding in multiple locations, and bounding through the country like fools


... we have a few requirements. 

To book a ride with us, you must:​​​​​

  • be over 18 

  • be willing to sign a liability waiver

  • be able to mount and dismount unassisted

  • have previous riding experience 

  • have a love of horses

  • be ready to hide a body

Maybe we're joking about that last part ... maybe we're not. 

But if you check those other boxes, then let's do this!

Important Note:

We have a weight limit of 200lb for every ride. 

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